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The Natural Gas Association of Georgia (NGA) is an association of natural gas providers operating throughout Georgia. NGA is committed to growing the safe, direct use of natural gas in homes, businesses, and industries throughout the State. NGA’s Members cut across all segments of the natural gas industry in Georgia – investor-owned utilities, municipally-owned utilities, natural gas marketers, and natural gas interstate pipelines. A core, fundamental belief within the organization is the success of the natural gas industry in the State of Georgia benefits all natural gas providers, industry suppliers and gas appliance retailers operating in the State.

All memberships in the Natural Gas Association of Georgia provide a trio of core benefits which include:


Through our strategic policy framework formed by NGA’s Government Relations Committee and industry advocacy at the state and national level, NGA is actively at work on initiatives that benefit the natural gas industry as a whole.


The work of NGA complements and supports the marketing and advertising efforts of individual retail marketers because while retail marketers focus on brand identity and pricing, NGA is promoting natural gas applications (space heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, back-up generators, gas logs, outdoor fireplaces, gas lighting, etc.) When more people make the right decision to use natural gas for thermal applications, the size of the pie, the potential market, increases for everyone.


Through continuing educational events and conferences NGA provides members with a unique opportunity to network with other leaders in the business in Georgia,

How to Join

Active Membership – $5,000 annually
Open to all public and private wholesale or retail natural gas service, distribution and transportation providers, marketers, and other associated with the delivery of natural gas service. Active Members of the Association shall be entitled to vote on matters submitted to the Membership by the Association’s Board of Directors.
Associate Membership – $2,500 annually
Open to all organizations that may not be eligible for Active Membership but are interested in furthering the purposes and functions of the Association. All Associate Members shall be entitled to be heard at any meeting of the Association
through their appointed representatives
Municipal Membership – $250 – $2,500
Open to all municipally owned natural gas distribution systems in Georgia. The Associate Municipal Members, via popular vote may fill the Board Seat. The At Large Board Member will be considered an Active Member and may vote on matters coming before the Board.
Vendor Membership – $500
Open to business vendors of the natural gas industry. The Associate Vendor Members, via popular vote may fill one Board Seat.

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