ABOUT NGA of Georgia

Our mission is to promote the safe, direct use of natural gas


Natural Gas:

Abundant, Affordable, Clean

Technological advances and an extensive and reliable energy delivery system have made Natural Gas the most dependable and affordable source of clean energy in the U.S.

The U.S. has enough gas supply to meet America’s diverse energy needs for more than 125 years, and these estimates continue to grow annually. Natural Gas is the logical foundational energy for homes, businesses, industry, and transportation.

The growing use of domestic natural gas reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources and strengthens America’s goals of a strong economy, national security, and environmental stewardship. The NGA of Georgia views natural gas as a foundational energy for America’s, and Georgia’s, future energy policies.

Key Objectives:

Educate and Influence

Educate Georgia consumers on the efficiency and environmental benefits of natural gas appliances and applications
Influence energy policies, positioning natural gas as a primary, foundational fuel for future economic growth in Georgia
Impact energy policies affecting Georgia consumers and the direct use of natural gas

The Natural Gas Association of Georgia (NGA of Georgia) was formed in 2015. Made up of natural gas providers, pipeline companies, natural gas appliance manufacturers and marketers, the association’s primary goal is to educate consumers on the safe, direct use of natural gas.


Leadership & Staff

Natural Gas Association of Georgia Board of Directors & Officers

Corey Minshew

Board Member

Atlanta Gas Light Company

Director, New Business Development

Darryl Outlaw

Board Member

Southern Natural Gas Company

Commercial Director

Chuck Rossi

Chairman of the Board

Liberty Utilities – Georgia


Peter Floyd

General Counsel

Alston & Bird

Greg Chumley

Board Member

Austell Gas Company

Supervisor, Marketing & Public Services

Alisha Hargett

Board Member

SCANA Energy Services

Senior Regulatory Analyst

Chris Strippelhoff

Board Member

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

Chief Membership Officer

Chris Turner


Georgia Natural Gas

Managing Director

PJ Zonsius

Board Member

Gas South

Director of C&I Business Development

Carl Garofalo

Board Member

Southern Company Gas

Director, Customer Solutions and Sales

Matt Schlosser

Board Member

SouthStar Energy Services

Rodney Dill

Vice Chair

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

Director, Member Services

Roger Garms

Board Member

Liberty Utilities – Georgia

Former President


Marketing & Communications Committee

Chris Turner


Georgia Natural Gas


Chris Strippelhoff


Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia